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How to:Listserv
by Phil Boudreau, updated by Aaron Jones 10/20/2011

The Listserve is perhaps one of the most valuable benefits to being a member of Gold Country Paddlers.  Recently as much as 95% of the paddle events and trips have been posted through the listserv.  There is no additional cost to subscribe to the listserv.  The website is designed to allow members to subscribe and unsubscribe to the listserv through their member profile settings, but this feature doesn’t always work so you may have to submit a request to the Listserv Manager at .

To send a message to all members of the listserv simply address the email to: .

Please remember to use the email account that you signed up with. If you try to post from your work account and you gave GCP your home account, it won't work.

There is a 40K size limit on posts to keep the listserv from being a virus vector. Don't forward docs unless they're very small. If you want to share pictures of the latest kayak festival, find a free online photo shop and provide us with a link. There are lots of them out there. Hint: Please find one that doesn't require us to log in as we really don't want to share our email addresses with that many people. We get enough SPAM as it is.

We have a 1K limit on the header of your email. If you want to send a blanket email to everyone you can think of, chances are that it'll get bumped.

Please be polite when you post to the listserv. Although I enjoy and appreciate the free exchange of ideas and opinions, not everyone does. Think about who you're sending an email to. Take personal stuff offline. Don't CC: the group unless you think it's appropriate.

If you're concerned about the amount of email that you get from GCP, it's not that hard to make a GCP folder and divert anything with GCP in the subject line to that folder. That way, you don't have to wade through all the GCP stuff to find that email from your cousin telling you about how a plane really didn't hit the Pentagon.

Web email clients may not use folders. For example, gmail uses what they call labels. For information on how to filter your email to another folder, look here:

The listserv is not for commercial use. If you hear about a great deal on trips from an outfitter, please don't share it via the listserv. We have companies that pay for the privilege of reaching our club via the newsletter.

To preserve the integrity of the listserv, if you knowingly or unknowingly misbehave by sending SPAM or commercial advertisement, your listserv privileges will be temporarily suspended.  If this happens to you and you are unaware of having sent out a questionable e-mail, it is likely your e-mail account was hijacked.  

The GCP Listserv Coordinator will gladly add your e-mail address back to the listserv per your request, but before you submit a request, you need to ensure you have regained control of your e-mail account.  To learn how to regain control of a hijacked e-mail account, Google the words “email” and “hijacked” or click the following link:

Messages submitted to the listserv from a restored e-mail addresses will be reviewed by the GCP Listserv Coordinator before they are distributed to the membership.  Restored e-mail addresses will be subjected to this moderation for up to two weeks.  Members with repeated problems from a particular e-mail address may be asked to provide a different e-mail address or loose their listserv benefits entirely.

If you have any questions, need assistance, or want to subscribe or unsubscribe to the listserv, send an e-mail.

Thanks for listening and playing nice.

Now, who's paddling where this weekend? ;)

Jon Brommeland

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