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River Otters Galore
by Paul Redd 11/1/2007

I have been paddling for 20 years, and never have I seen so many Otters at once, so many, in fact that I am not sure whether there are seven or eight. Where? you ask. Well, the answer might steer you to, oh my God, FLAT water. The lower American is where. I have seen them now in the stretch directly across from Ancil Hoffman Park and about 3/4 of a mile above there. The last time they were "porpoising" in the current like you might see dolphins do. They were fishing, and at least one was always head up, munching down his catch. This was an amazing sight I have never come close to in all my whitewater paddling, even on the Rogue. More important than where is WHEN. Both times I have witnessed the Otter Clan, were between 7 and 7:30A.M.So, if you think you can stand flat water, and want to see some really cool otters - set your alarm, make some coffee, and head to Ancil Hoffman Park, or call me and we'll do it together. I'll bring the coffee.

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