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GCPers to Continue Support of Jessica Subido's Olympic Dream!
by Jude Lee 11/1/2007

At Augusts' annual meeting, as Dawn Davis was unable to attend, Tree Simsiman presented Dawn's idea/wish that GCPers find a way to continue support of Jessica in her goal of representing the USA in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Folks attending the meeting came up with an idea to keep Jessica in the forefront of GCPers and make it easy to continue support. Subsequent communications with Jessica modified that.

The solution that emerged is that GCP's website will have a link to Jessica's website. This way folks can go directly to her website to support her any time the spirit moves them. This also will allow Jessica to be able to communicate directly with folks who support her. (Snail mailers please see information below.)

Jessica would like all to know that she really appreciates all the types of support, past and present, that she is receiving from GCPers! James says that all this support will surely help to keep Jessica warmer when she is training in such cold places as the Kern in the winter.

We offer our continued wishes of Good Luck for you, Jessica!

Note: Meanwhile, if you would like to support Jessica prior to the link to her website being in place you can go directly to her website now. The address is: http://Subido.Info, once at her website click on the "Sponsorship" link which will lead you to a donation form.

Snail Mailers: Make your check payable to Jessica Subido and mail it to this P.O. Box:

Jessica Subido
4120 Douglas Blvd. # 306-267
Granite Bay, CA 95746-5936

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